SnapSave Apk Download For Android & iOS 2018 (SnapChat Saver)

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Want to download SnapChat images or videos? It is not possible actually. So, what can you do to get those messages or media files from Snapchat? No need to take screenshots of images from snapchat anymore. You can download the SnapSave apk for this. This is an app that lets you download Snapchat messages, videos, and images on your Android device. Using this app, you can download anything you want from Snapchat and save it phone gallery.

Snapchat won’t allow downloading any photos or videos from it. Even you saved it Snapchat will inform the sender about it. Also, all the photos and videos will get vanished from the app after some time. To make this possible you can download SnapSave APK on your Android device. This is not available to download from Google Play store. Find an external source from which you can download the app. The app is completely safe to use and many people use this app all around the world..

Download SnapSave Apk For Android & iOS 2018 (SnapChat Saver)

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Snapsave APK
Snapsave APK

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Dec 24, 2017

Features of SnapSave Android

Snapsave APK is a very popular choice for Snapchat lovers. If they want to back-up Snapchat data by downloading you need an app for it. Snapchat won’t provide this facility. So, there are not any other options available than choosing an external app for it. SnapSave app has got many features and that makes it a very good app. Here are some features of SnapSave APK

    It can save all photos and videos from Snapchat and save it to your phone gallery.

    The app is easy to operate with the simple user interface. You can see the same user interface as of Snapchat app.

    No need to root your phone to operate this app. So, you don’t need to go through the complicated rooting process.

    The app is safe to use on your phone

    Save anything from Snapchat without informing the sender

    You can edit your snap stories and download it using Snapsave APK

    The app is free to download and won’t consume more phone space. If you want more space then subscribe to a premium version of the app.

    No need to create a separate account to log in to this app. You can use Snapchat account details to log in to this app. Make sure to logout from the Snapchat app before logging into Snapsave. The main reason behind it is you cannot login to both apps at the same time.

This is an app with many features. There will be in-app advertisements and you can avoid it by subscribing to the premium version of the app. This is one of the best apps available for Snapchat lovers. You can get this app if you have a good internet connection (Also checkout some of the SnapChat tips & tricks). This app is compatible with Android 3.0 and above version. One of the best features of this app is that you can operate it without rooting your device.

How to Download SnapSave APK On Android?

Google removed this app and few other SnapChat savers like Casper Apk from play store recently because SnapSave violated Google’s terms and conditions. But you don’t have to worry about device security while using this app. Many people use this app without any issue. As it is not there in Google play store you need to download SnapSave app from third-party source. If you want to download Snapsave APK for your Android device just follow steps

Download SnapSave .APK

    Download SnapSave APK on your device from the link above. 

    Go to Settings>Security> tap on Unknown sources and enable it

    Go to downloads and open the SnapSave app and install it on your device

Install Snapsave app
Install Snapsave app

    After completing installation open the app.

Snapsave APK Installed
Snapsave APK Installed

    Allow the app to access your media files. Now you can see the colorful app. Now you can open the app and operate it.

How to Operate SnapSave APK?

Open this app on your device. You can see a camera button on the app and a yellow play button. Just tap on the camera icon and after that tap on the play button. Now, this app will start to run on its background. Next, you can go to Snapchat and click on camera icon. Now all your media will save instantly to your device. After that check your phone gallery to see those files.

Final words,

SnapSave is an interesting app snapchat lovers can use. This app offers you a limited storage space and if you want to increase storage space you can get the premium version of this app. One important thing is that Snapsave Apk is not officially affiliated with Snapchat. Snapchat will terminate your account if they found that you are using this unauthorised app. But as you are not rooting your device while using this app you don’t need to worry about any problem with your Snapchat account. Try this app and back-up the snaps you want.

SnapSave Apk Download For Android & iOS 2018 (SnapChat Saver)
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