SnapCrack Apk Download For Android & iOS 2018

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Snapchat is a most popular app among youth. They use this app to share messages and other media files. While using this app the main drawback is that all the messages will automatically vanish after a certain period of time. We cannot save messages from Snapchat anywhere. In order to do that you can download SnapCrack APK on your Android phone. This is an app that bypasses default rule of Snapchat and saves all messages and media files into your phone gallery. There are many alternative Sanpchat clients available and Snapcrack is very popular among them.

The app is completely free to download. A premium version is also available with more advanced features. You need to pay for the premium version and it will give you additional storage space. The free version comes with limited storage space. Snapcrack is an app available for IOS device and for Android users they can use APK version of the app. This app is very popular among Android users that save photos, videos, and messages from Snapchat to phone memory without informing the sender. Forward any good messages or photos to your friends and even on social media.

Download SnapCrack Apk For Android & iOS 2018

Features of SnapCrack APK

SnapCrack APK is a free app you can use to back up your snaps. This app is one of the popular apps you can use this to save snap messages. Snapcrack has got many good features. Here are some good features of this app

    Snapcrack saves all your snaps, photos and video files to your phone gallery. Sanpcrack does this without informing the sender. Also check out this post, to save SnapChat images & photos. 

    The app looks same like the Snapchat app and it is easy to handle it. Anybody can handle it easily

    Snapcrack Apk is a free app with limited storage space. If you want to use more storage space then pay money for it and subscribe to its premium version. One who uses Snapchat a lot have to get premium version to get enough storage space.

    You can share your snaps with other friends or among social media sites.

    Edit the messages or photos before sending. There are stickers and you can draw on your snaps.

    No need to create a separate account to log in to Snapcrack APK. You can use the same login details of Snapchat for Snapcrack.

SnapCrack App details

SnapCrack Apk
SnapCrack Apk

App name

Snapcrack APK

Latest version


Last updated

July 1, 2016

Operating System

Android 4 and above

App size


How to Download & Install SnapCrack Apk on Android?

Snapcrack is free to download and is available on IOS store. But it is not available for Android users. they can download APK version of the app. There are many sites available from which you can download this app. You have to find a reliable source from which you can download the app. You can download the app by following steps

    Download Snapcrack APK.

    You can open the app and install it. But you cannot install the app

    To enable installation, you need to change device settings. From Security tab, you have to enable download from an external source. Settings>Lock and Security>unknown sources.

    After doing this setting install the app on your device.

    Now you can use Snapcrak app and download snaps.

Things to be noted while using SnapCrack

You can login to your SnapCrack account using the same username and password from the Snapchat account. But, you cannot login to both apps at the same time. if you are logging into SnapCrack apk then you will be automatically logged out from Snapchat official app


This is not an officially authorized app from Snapchat. It’s up to you. You can use this app if you want to store your snaps. Snapchat won’t engage the use of such app. But, if you want to store any snaps you don’t have any other options.

If you face any problem in logging into your Snapcrack account try after logging out from the Snapchat app. Most users can successfully login to Snapcrack app using the same account details as of Snapchat. Also try Casper App or SnapSave Apk & SnapKeep


Xiangua Yi is the developer of this game and is not officially endorsed to Snapchat official app. There are many people who use this app all over the world. Now you don’t have to worry about losing your snaps. You can save them on your phone and use whenever you want. This is the main advantage of using Snapcrack app. if you have to save any important messages from Snapchat you can only do these using apps like Snapcrack APK.

The app is simple to use and no need for separate settings. It will go well with the Snapchat app. If you want to save only important messages then basic version is enough. For the premium version you can get it by paying $4.99. This will give you unlimited storage space so that you can store any snaps you want.

SnapCrack Apk Download For Android & iOS 2018
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