Snapchat Tricks & Tips : Every Snapchater Should Know

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The Snapchat app has become a rage among the young generation. So many people are using it the world over. While many are hooked to it and use it completely; there are people who still don’t know how to fully take advantage of all its features. Following are some tips and tricks to Snapchat smartly in all its glory,


Cool Snapchat Tricks & Tips 2017

Download Snapchat Photos & Videos,

The auto-vanishing feature in Snapchat is its biggest plus & minus as well if you need to download Snapchat photos or videos you receive you can do so by downloading some Snapchat saver apps like Casper Apk.

Snapchat Savers
Snapchat Savers

Or if you can go manually explore into the Android file system and download the photos or videos, make use of Es file explorer for that.

Bring Old Lenses Back

You can bring back the old lenses and filters by changing the date on your phone. Just go to settings, date and time, there uncheck the box of ‘automatic date and time’, and simply set your own desired date. Now open the app and enjoy again.


Use two filters Simultaneously

You can use two filters at the same time.

  • Click a snap, and swipe over it as you would normally to select the first filter.
  • Now, hold down the screen with one finger and carefully swipe over the snap with another finger, to get the second filter.
  • This might not happen on just one try, but surely will in a few.

You can turn Friends’ Bitmoji into your Home screen widget.

Just tap and hold on the home screen to add a widget. Select the Snapchat widgets, and take the ‘choose a friend’ widget. Then, Snapchat will open, there tap to select the friend, then tap on Add to home screen.


Read chats without marking them.

Tap on your friend’s name whose message has come. Slowly drag your finger to the right edge of the screen. You will get to see the message, read it and simply drag the finger back to the left side. Thus, this way the message won’t be marked as read.


Follow Celebrities on Snapchat easily.

  • It is very easy, open the search box of Snapchat.
  • There, type ‘Official’ and hit enter.
  • You will get a list of Snapchat accounts of so many celebrities.
  • Just follow those you want to.

You can create your own geo filters in Snapchat.

Just sign-in on the Snapchat website. There, go to the ‘On Demand Geofilters’ section. Follow the steps, design your own customised geo filter, and submit it to them. When Snapchat people approve it, you can use it when you go to the location marked on the map.

Make emojis move with objects.

  • After recording the video, tap the emoji button and add the desired one on the video.
  • Now, press and hold the emoji and concentrate it on any specific object in the video.
  • When you release it, it will stick to that spot on the video.
  • You can swivel, pinch on the emoji to scale or rotate it.
  • Thus, it will move, as that spot in the video moves.

Some Other Snapchat Tricks & Tips

Snapchat Tricks & tips
Snapchat Tricks & tips
  • The default typing has some character limit. Rather, use any Note app, make a range of blank texts and copy it to the clipboard. Next, paste it into the text field of SnapChat. Now just move the cursor to the next line and take full advantage of the space.
  • Turn on the Travel mode and save data. You enable it from the settings, and ‘Additional services’. By enabling this feature, all the snaps and stories are prevented from auto download, instead, you choose precisely what you want to see.
  • Use Emojis to add extra effects to your Snaps.
  • Select any emoji sticker of the app on your snap.
  • Zoom it with two fingers till it takes up the whole screen.
  • The edges of the emoji start to pixelate.
  • Now drag that area over the frame, and it will look like a filter.
  • This way, you can make many other effects.


All the above points for SnapChat usage will surely make you a master user of this app and an expert among your friends.

Snapchat Tricks & Tips : Every Snapchater Should Know
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