How to Save Snapchat Photos, Videos Easily

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Within a short period of time, Snapchat has become very famous among the public, especially among the young generation. There are over a million snaps being sent on it every day. Even so many celebrities use it to connect with their fans. Naturally, people feel the desire to save any snap, whether it is their own, from their friends or any celebrity. Although it is not possible directly, there are ways to accomplish that.

Trick To Save Snapchat Photos, Videos On Android & iOS

Snapchat Savers
Snapchat Savers

Saving your own Snaps

It is far easier to save your own snaps than others snaps. The steps are as follows:

  • There are 2 locations where you can save your own snaps.
  1. Memories, which is like a cloud storage of Snapchat, these you can also access when you log in your Snapchat account from any other device.
  2. Camera Roll, this is the default save location of your device, either the Internal memory or the SD card.
  • Open Snapchat, go to settings.
  • There select the Memories tab. Select ‘save to’.
  • There you will get three options to save your snaps, memories, memories and camera roll, and camera roll only. Select the appropriate.
  • In the second option, the snaps will be saved in both the locations.
  • Now, take any snap or video. There appears a bottom facing arrow.
  • Click on it. ‘Saved’ notification will appear when it is done.
  • If you forget to save the snap there, go to your own stories.
  • Open the tab, that same bottom facing arrow appears there; select the snap which you want to save by clicking on the respective arrow.


Saving Others Snaps On Snapchat

There are 4 ways to save others snaps on your device. They are:

  1. Screenshot

It is the easiest and simplest way to save others snaps. Just click on the story which you want to save and when it starts playing, quickly take the screenshot. But there are some drawbacks to this method, because of which the other 3 options are in existence. The drawbacks are:

  • You can’t save videos, only the picture snaps.
  • The person whose snap you have screenshotted gets a message about that.
  • This is one thing many people don’t like; either to get screenshotted or to do it with the other person’s knowledge.


Hence, the other 3 ways are:

  1. Using a Screencast app

These apps are popular on the PC. They let you capture and record anything that happens on the screen. When you use them to save others snaps, that person won’t be notified about your activity. It is a good way to also use these apps for other recordings besides Snapchat.


There are quite some few Screencast apps available for Android; like the AZ screen recorder, Stream etc. you can even screen record in Google Play Games app, just opt out of the game when it opens, and then open the Snapchat to record the snaps.


  1. Using the camera of another device.

This method is quite simple, the cheapest, and considered common sense. You can use any other mobile camera to record the videos or take the pictures of others snaps, or you can use any Digital Camera too, like the point and shoot, DSLR etc.


  1. Using any third-party app which itself claim to save the Snapchat videos and pictures.
Casper Apk download
Casper Apk download

There are quite some apps available which download and save the Snapchat videos and pictures Such as Casper apk and others. You install that app on your phone, log in using your Snapchat credentials, then open it and follow the instructions.One such app is the SnapCapture app, it is free to use and available on the Play Store.



Sometimes, some snaps are so good and nicely captured that people feel the desire to save them for collection. Screenshotting is not so easy, as Snapchat reports that person. By the above solutions it becomes possible to save the snaps.

How to Save Snapchat Photos, Videos Easily
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