Casper Apk – Download Casper Snapchat Saver Apk For Android (Latest Version)

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Welcome to the official website of Casper apk, where we provide you the latest and greatest version Casper Android, which is one of the best snapchat saver apps for Android to save snapchat photos, images, and videos.

Snapchat has been around for some time now and no matter what new innovative app comes in the market, it has succeeded in remaining the top choice of social media users who enjoy sending funny as well as entertaining snaps to their friends and family members, Some people prefer to use snapchat because even if they have clicked some weird picture it’s going to vanish in some time, but that was true only in the beginning now it’s possible to capture all the pics and media that are shared through it, snapchat itself allows the receiver to get a screenshot of the snap or media received but the sender is notified when this occurs which might be embarrassing at times.

Well, there are many apps that will help you overcome this issues, but you should be warned that snapchat hasn’t sponsored any of these apps and it you get it it would be at your own risk. So there are various app that you can use one of them is Casper apk and the best part about is that you don’t have to root your phone to get additional features or download this app, it works without the root, rooting can have drawbacks of its own, it’s debatable whether the pros overcome the cons, or the cons are just too much, so if you are someone who has no ideas how rooting works its safe to stick to the apps that don’t require them.

Disclaimer – Casper APK is not developed by us, we are just sharing the information available on the internet, this is purely for educational purpose only. Any illegal use of this is not recommended, in that case, this website or admin of this website is not responsible.

Casper Apk V2.0.1  Download For Android – Latest Build 2019

Casper App
Casper App




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Dec 8, 2018

Casper Apk is basically a hack that you can use to get make snapchat more enjoyable and gain access to more filters as well as plenty more amazing features before we get into the installation and workings of Casper Android. Let’s see the features that Casper Apk Exhibits.

Download Apk

Mirror Link

Features Of Casper Apk,

Casper apk comes with a feature that lets the user save snaps When you save the snaps or media sent to you on snapchat the person who sends them to you won’t be alerted to it. One of the Snapchat savers for Android out there!

Casper Apk download
Casper Apk download
  • You can forward snaps, usually, the snaps send to you just vanish in a few seconds, with Casper you are free to share the snap or any media such as story you received with your contacts.
  • Snapchat can become boring when you have only a few filters, with Casper snapchat app you can get access to more filters that it has in its portmanteau.
  • Next are the slide filters these are for advanced users so that they can make their media seem more professional.if you have used GeoFilters with snapchat then you will be quite at home with this feature, But you have to create them yourself and then load them into the Casper Apk Media Editor.
  • Casper has integrated Imoji SDK into it, it allows users to search through the multitude of stickers options so that they can be inserted into users photos or snaps.
  • Casper is full of features that will allow a user to add personalization as well as customize the photos with their creative ideas.

How to Download & Install Casper Apk On Android Phone?

Step 1: Before you begin the installation process, Go to your android phone “Settings”, then go to “Security” And then tick the “Unknown Sources” to enable them.

Enable Unknown Sources

Casper is an application that you won’t find on Google play which is why you have to enable this. Otherwise, the file you have downloaded will not be installed on your android phone. Although it’s not secure to download the file from anywhere other than play store there are some apps that just don’t meet the terms and conditions that play store provides but still provide the features and services that you need so you might have to get it from another trusted source.

Step 2: Get the Casper Apk file from trusted sources, you don’t even have to go looking for a download link, you can get it from the below link.

Download Apk

Mirror Link

Download Casper Apk
Download Casper Apk

Step 3: Once the file in downloaded to your device, go to your file manager of choice or download root explorer app and find the file, then tap on it to install it, or you could just tap the downloaded file in the notification bar of your phone.

Install Casper Apk
Install Casper Apk

Step 4: Select “Install” to begin the installation of Casper Apk, it will take only a few seconds.

Step 5. Accept the terms and condition of Casper app.

Accept Casper App terms
Accept Casper App terms

Step 6. After which you can log in with your Snapchat account.

Enter Snapchat Credentials
Enter Snapchat Credentials

How to use Casper Android To Save Snapchat Photos, Videos?

  1. Once the installation process is complete you can launch the app, whereas we have discussed before you will have to fill in your Snapchat login details.
  2. If it prompts you with a message that a new version is available you can update it first. The update will be downloaded to your phone and installed in just about a few seconds.
  3. When you fill in your snapchat details and click on “continue” it will give you prompt to tell you that you have to provide your Google account details as well, fill those in and then proceed.
  4. NOw that is done you can swipe to view the stories just like you would on your snapchat and you must have noticed a “+” bubble at the bottom right corner when you select that you will be given 3 choices,

a) For you to create a new blank snap

b) Or you could choose the previously clicked snap from your gallery

c) Launch the camera so that you can click a new one. And there is also an “x” bubble selecting it, you will close the “+” menu.

So suppose if you want to send an old picture to your contact then you can select the “Choose from Gallery” options, once you do that select a picture that you want to send, next select the contact from your list who you want to share the snap with and tap on it.

That’s it, its that simple once you get the app you will have no trouble understanding how it works, just go with the flow. The interface has been designed to provide users with simplicity and ease when they are taking their snaps.

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Wrapping up,

We have covered every aspect of Casper Android saver from its features to how it works so I am sure that you won’t have any trouble downloading and installing the apps on your Android phone. As with snapchat, you are going to need a decent internet connection otherwise it will be just as useless as snapchat. Just follow the instructions and you won’t have any problem getting started with Casper, Try out different filters till you get the perfect one for your snap, share funny snaps you received from your friends with your other friends. Casper Apk lets you access snapchat without any of its limitations.

So you can have a better snap experience with Casper Snapchat. Also, you won’t have to be bored with the old filters for long as it continuously keeps updating itself you can get the new updates whenever it prompts you to, and it’s an open source application that you can get from the above-provided link for free. It’s a hope that you will go through your installation process smoothly and don’t face any issues when you get Casper app for your phone. And this is an app that you should definitely try out.

Casper Apk – Download Casper Snapchat Saver Apk For Android (Latest Version)
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